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Custom Balloon Creations specializes in providing elegant and innovative decor for a wide variety of events. Whether it's a Corporate Event, Tradeshow, Grand Opening, Special Occasion Event or Wedding, we can transform it from ordinary to extraordinary!

We offer classic balloon decor, balloon bouquet deliveries, balloon drops, imprinted balloons and custom balloon sculptures.

We also offer professional event entertainment services, including water-resistant glttter Tattooing, balloon twisting, and face painting.

Interview with Dana Black, Custom Balloon Creations

Q: How did Custom Balloon Creations come about?
A: "I began my career in the balloon industry in 1979, in San Francisco, CA. I relocated Custom Balloon Creations to Sonoma County in 1990."

Q: What does Custom Balloon Creations offer its clients?
A: "We create elaborate and extraordinary balloon decorations... attention to detail is our commitment, right down to the curl of the ribbon. Custom Balloon Creations offers a vast array of decor options, from the simplest "Happy Birthday" bouquet delivery, to elegant wedding decor and immense corporate events requiring thousands of balloons. Customer service and satisfaction are our primary goals."

Q: What about special lighting? Can Custom Balloon Creations provide special lighting effects?
A: "Yes! Ask about our technical support team."

Q: What are some of the company's achievements?
A: "Custom Balloon Creations is the only company in Sonoma County to have competed in the International Balloon Arts Convention's Large-Scale Sculpture competition, a grueling 30-hour event. Since relocating to the area in 1990, we have continued to establish ourselves as the premier balloon decorating company in the North Bay Area."

Q: What does Custom Balloon Creations do to be green?
A: "Custom Balloon Creations creates colorful memories using 100% biodegradable latex balloons. The latex is comprised of a natural product extracted from the sap of rubber trees. The balloons degrade at approximately the same rate as an oak leaf. In using these products in our work, we do our part to preserve the environment by helping to prevent deforestation and help combat against greenhouse gases.

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